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The Lleyn ewe is a medium sized lowland sheep.
Weighing up to 75kg at maturity, the Lleyn ewes are known for their hardiness, prolificacy, easy lambing, strong mothering instict, milkiness and easy handling



The wool is white and free from any coloured fibres or kemp and is of good length, dense and high quality with plenty of crimp. Heads must be feminine and a warm white in colour with wide foreheads, good length from eye to nose - being straight to slightly dished and narrowing towards the nose. Bright lively eyes and black nose. Medium sized ears with black spots are desirable, with the base of the ear starting from the wool. The breast is to be wide and well forward

The neck should be well set in the shoulders and of medium length. The back should be long with well sprung ribs and broad loins which are well joined to the rump.

The legs which are warm white in colour should be well set with no wool lower than the hock. Flat boned and strong on the pasterns

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