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About Us

A Family run farm since 2005

Newnham Hall Farms

This family run enterprise started in 2005 and is headed by owner Mr Graham Bell based in North Yorkshire with Mr Ken Foster as Head Shepherd based in Warwickshire. All our Lleyn and Berrichon flocks are Pedigree, MV Accredited and registered with both the Lleyn Sheep Society and The British Berrichon Sheep Society respectively.

Newnham Hall Farms consists of three farms situated in Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and North Yorkshire.

Newnham Hall Farm

Newnham Hall Farm

We lamb a closed flock of 1000 plus Lleyn ewes and 50 plus Berrichon ewes from March to May which are sired by our own carefully selected stock rams from top registered breeders. From 2019 we will also be introducing the Blue Texel to produce some prime quality lambs.

Ewes are housed for lambing early on in the season should the weather dictate and fed haylage and concentrates before lambing. All ewes are vaccinated with Heptivac P, wormed and given vitamin drench as necessary under our Flock Health Plan. We personally transport all our own flocks with traceability and welfare being top priority.


Lambs and ewes are run together during the summer months and thrive on the rich pastures they graze with weaning taking place about 12 weeks after lambing. We believe in creating the most natural environment and good husbandry to produce fantastic lambs with our target weight of 42kg for prime lambs to be sold.

We endeavour to locally source anything required to make our own Hay/Haylage.

Newnham Hall Farm

Our Farms

Dicks Farm

Newnham, Northamptonshire

250 Lleyn ewes grazing on 120 acres of grass and parkland.

Newnham Hall Farm
Newnham Hall Farm
Duck House

Studley Roger, North Yorkshire

300 Lleyn ewes, 150 Lleyn ewe lambs and 40 Berrichon ewes grazing on 291 acres of grass and parkland

Willoughby Lodge Farm

Barby, Warwickshire

450 Lleyn ewes and 200 ewe lambs grazing on 160 acres of grassland

Newnham Hall Farm